Cheyenne Extreme Softball Reacts to Games being Canceled in March due to COVID-19 Concerns

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now)- Both USA Softball and the United States Sports Specialty Association (USSSA) has suspended the club softball season for the time being, due to coronavirus concerns. For the rest of March, all games will be canceled.

“It’s leaving people kind of lost right now,” Head coach of Cheyenne Extreme 18U, Adam Galicia said. “It’s unsure of what’s going to happen, is there going to be a softball season? is this going to progress?”

This season may be the last chance that some players get to put on their gloves and helmets competing in the sport they love.

“We’re all pretty bummed out,” Cheyenne Extreme 18U pitcher, Ariana Galicia said. “Especially the seniors considering its their last softball season so they want to get as many tournaments in as they can.”

However, not all hope is lost as the club still practices. Cheyenne Extreme 18U practices with careful precautions by being careful with each other and the equipment to help prevent the virus.

“We’re staying pretty optimistic about it and we’re just hoping to get out on the field as soon as we can,” Ariana Galicia said. “All you can do is take it day by day and just ensure that everyone is staying safe.”

“We’re getting a game plan together to take the appropriate actions,” Adam Galicia said.

Until then, they’ll remain their focus on having another successful season, as if competition will resume in April. USA Softball and the USSSA are expected to make their decision regarding the upcoming club softball season at the end of March.