Casper wrestler gets invited to wrestle in Japan

CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming New Now) Dylan Sorensen wrestles for the Natrona Colts and in March he will get the opportunity to go back to japan to wrestle.

Dylan and five other wrestlers from around the state of Wyoming will travel to Japan to wrestle for nine days.

"And the rules are a lot different and like the styles of wrestling are a lot different. Here we do folk-style but in Japan they do free-style a lot so we get really good at doing free-style and we get good at doing folk-style," said Sorensen.

Dylan got the opportunity to travel to Japan last year.

"First year I went I went down and I qualified against a team in Montana and then I got invited back these last two years," said Sorensen.

His dad started a team and will be taking Dylan and four others to Japan along with another coach.

"I had to qualify for it and then my dad got invited to put together a team of elite wrestlers," said Sorensen.

The five boys are still raising money before they leave in March for food,
uniforms, travel expenses and lodging.

"We go around and ask people if they would like to buy raffle tickets, or if they would like to donate, and we go to small local businesses and ask them if they would like to help out," said Sorensen.

For information on how to donate you can go to their Facebook page Natrona Colts Wrestling.