Border War: Bronze Boot Run

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Laramie, Wyo. - One of the oldest rivalries in college football has a new twist.

"This is the first time the ball will be run on campus and we're going to have a ceremony tonight," said Mike Bobo, Colorado State's head football coach.

It's something to celebrate. For the first time in 50 years, Wyoming will battle Colorado State at a new location. On Friday night, fans at Canvas Stadium will witness a new era.

"The guy that wore the Bronze Boot was a CSU grad so there's a lot of tradition and you got to let your players know that you're playing for more than just yourself or your University, you're playing for a lot of people tomorrow night," said Bobo.

It will be the 110th meeting between the two teams, and the 51st battle for the Bronze Boot traveling trophy.

Wyoming's ROTC program makes that travel possible by running the game ball to the border and passing it on to CSU's cadet program.

It's a tradition that has sparked a secret rivalry between the two programs.

"We'll take any reason to show off for CSU too, I know they got an army program over there, they're kind of like our biggest adversaries right in the area," said Frankie Galtieri, a Junior ROTC member at Wyoming.

Wyoming has claimed the boot for the last two years, but they are struggling to get a conference win. The Rams are feeling the pressure too, with only 2 conference wins this season.

But when it comes to this game, the Mountain West takes a back seat, and the rivalry, takes the wheel.

"For us and both CSU our seasons have not turned out so far like we wanted but once you hit this game you throw out everything this past and you're looking forward to this ball game," said Craig Bohl, Wyoming's head football coach.

The rivalry extends beyond the game - CSU's coach Mike Bobo and Craig Bohl are longtime friends. Friends, who like to win.

"Make no mistake when it comes time and that ball is teed up, we want to whoop their tails and they want to whoop us."

Kick off is at 8 p.m. on Friday at Canvas Stadium in Fort Collins.