Bohl says Cowboys offense 'more run than pass' this season

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Out of 130 NCAA football teams, Wyoming ranked 117th in rushing offense last season with 108.8 yards per game.

Craig Bohl, Wyoming's head coach, hopes to change that this year, saying he wants his offense to be "more run than pass" this season.

"We would like to say we're going to be more run than pass, and some of that is going to be contingent upon not only the running backs but specifically the offensive line," said Bohl.

"I think we're bigger and stronger man-on-man and getting on the line of scrimmage is going to be imperative."

Senior running back, Nico Evans, acknowledges it would also take pressure off redshirt freshman quarterback, Tyler Vander Waal, who will be starting in Saturday's opener against New Mexico State.

"If you look at this offense, it's all about running the ball. It's going to take pressure off tyler which is good but it's also going to open up the offense as a whole if we're able to run the ball consistently."