Austin Albers explains reason for leaving LCCC's volleyball team

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Cheyenne, Wyo.- Austin Albers is taking his tough love and intensity to another program.

"I kind of felt like it was okay, it was time."

After five years as LCCC's volleyball coach, Albers is taking flight and heading south to become CSU Pueblo's volleyball coach - a decision he felt comfortable making after revamping and building LCCC into a respectable program.

"We wanted to make sure we had one region title to put a banner in the gym- that was a goal from the start," said Albers. "And after last year we had to reset and add a couple of goals to make sure we weren't a one hit wonder, and so to repeat and do it again this year and then go undefeated in conference kind of left me with that feeling of where do you go from here," Albers said.

During his time at LCCC, Albers took the team's 1.9 GPA and turned it into a 3.0. He's good at rebuilding teams on and off the court, and that's exactly why he took the job as the Thunderwolves head coach.

"The fact that they haven't had a tone of success in the win column is actually a bonus as a new coach because you have so much room to come in and get things going and improving," said Albers.

But what about the young ladies at LCCC who are still improving under his guidance? Athletes who came to this program, because of him?

"That honestly is the most difficult part of it, calling them and telling them and talking with them just because we've invested so much time and energy into one another, but at the same point, a lot of them were excited for me and understand. The reality is, is they will get someone great here and the world will keep spinning," Albers said.

CSU Pueblo competes in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference.