Annual No Cost To You Sports Physicals event

The number of participants in high school sports increases every year.
However, the cost of sports isn't exactly cheap. To play high school sports, athletes need a uniform and equipment, but they also need a physical.

"And oftentimes if a child can't afford to get a sports physical it may exclude them from being able to participate and we don't want to see that happen," said Director of Nursing services Kristal Skiles.

An extra cost on top of costs already like camps, sports fees and equipment.

"So this week is our 3rd annual No Cost To You Sports Physicals. It's a service we provide to the community for a lot of our kids that have to go and have a sports physical prior to participating in any sporting event throughout the school district," said Skiles.

The number 1 sport for boys in high school is football with over a million people participating, but none of those boys can play without a physical.

"We basically do about $60,000 over the last 3 years in services provided at no out of cost to the parent for these sports physicals allowing children to participate in activities throughout the school district," said Skiles.

Giving student athletes the freedom to participate in any actives they want.