Anderson commits to University of Wyoming for wrestling

Published: May. 13, 2020 at 5:05 PM CDT
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Kevin Anderson from Kelly Walsh will be taking his talents to the University of Wyoming as he has recently committed to wrestle there.

"My mom was all on me about choosing a college doing this this and this and you know it is starting to get later in the year, schools about to end I am about to graduate, so finally just knowing where I am going to go is super relieving," said Anderson,

He wasn't able to go on a visit due to COVID-19 but still says the University of Wyoming feels like home.

"I have been to the campus before and I have been to the wrestling duals and talked to all the wrestlers on their team and hung out with them so it wasn't a deal breaker at all since I didn't go, but it would've been nice to go on the visit but I mean it feels like home still so," said Anderson.

After an injury in the beginning of his senior season, he was still able to get the job done as a state champion.

"I broke my hand two weeks in and had to sit the whole season pretty much then came back for the post season for regionals and state obviously I kept working hard during my injury time and time off and went in there and won thankfully," said Anderson.

Anderson said he was also looking at some other colleges but at the at the end of the day Wyoming was the best fit for him.