Youth Alternatives: Sibling Rivalry

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CHEYENNE, Wyo - Conflict between kids can be frustrating, unproductive, loud and just annoying. Kids fight about everything from who stole who’s toy to who’s your favorite kid.

Kids Playing, Photo Date: April 2014 / Photo: Pixabay / (MGN)

While this is probably always going to happen, Cheyenne Youth Alternatives sent us some ways to help them get along and play on the same team.

-Give them the chance to deal with conflict on their own
You can still demonstrate how to deal with conflict by asking questions and guiding them through the process. But the ultimate goal is to teach them how to handle these kinds of issues on their own.

-Lay down boundaries
Explain what is and is not appropriate when in an argument. No hurtful behavior, name calling, hitting. If these things occur, then you may need to step in and make sure everyone is safe.

-Don’t compare your kids
Kids are all different and some may need more support than others. Give this to them according to need not according to equality or split 50/50.