Youth Alternatives: How to Avoid Family Stress During the Holidays

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CHEYENNE, Wyo - The Holidays are supposed to be a time for families to spend quality time with each other but many times it brings an increased sense of family responsibility along with additional feelings of stress.

Cheyenne Youth Alternatives sent some suggestions on avoiding family stress during the holiday season.

-Maintain your Routine
Maintain your families’ sleeping, eating, and physical activities schedule as much as possible. Eating on a regular schedule helps maintain energy and blood sugar levels. Staying on sleep schedules can also help with meltdowns in younger children. Changes in Routine can lead to anxiety or irritation. Any time you're out of your comfort zone, you're going to feel anxious. By staying healthy, we (kids and parents) can deal with stressful situations better when they arise especially during the holidays.

-Set Realistic Expectations
Remember there is no such thing as a perfect family or perfect holiday. Your family is in your life for a reason. Understand there will be bumps along the way. Identify the most important tasks and take small measures to accomplish them. Keep things in perspective

-Focus on the Positive
Don’t dwell on the past. Focus on the experience of the holidays (Reconnecting with family, Creating Family Traditions or Memories)Stay in the Present (Be present and set your intentions to focus on the moment and not past holiday problems. Family will not be there forever)