Wyoming's Sen. Barrasso joined President Trump on surprise Thanksgiving visit to Afghanistan

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Wyoming's Sen. John Barrasso said he travels each Thanksgiving to visit Wyoming troops overseas to thank them for their service. This year, he wanted to visit Wyoming National Guard soldiers in Afghanistan.

Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) talked about his experiences on a special Thanksgiving trip overseas. (Source: GrayDC)

Barrasso said he called President Trump and asked him to join.

"He called about a week or so ago and said 'I'm thinking about it,' then two days before, he said we're gonna go and you're going with me," said Barrasso.

The Wyoming Senator said the troops went wild when they arrived.

"We had two of the members of the National Guard on the stage with us. The President had them come over to the microphone. The one guy said Powder River, the other guy said Let 'er buck," he said.

Barrasso also met with Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani during the short trip.

Listen to the full interview with Sen. Barrasso above.

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