Wyoming's Joint Symposium for Children and Youth looking to bring awareness about child abuse

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now)- The 2019 Wyoming Joint Symposium began at Little America where ways of preventing crimes against children are being discussed. According to the Wyoming Division of Victim Services, there were reportedly 3,098 and 1,477 reported child sexual assault or abuse cases in 2017. Reportedly 14.5 percent of the victims ranged from ages 0-12 years old. Wyoming has 64 programs to assist victims and help prevent crimes against children. Twenty-four of those programs dealing with domestic violence/sexual assault, 10 victim witness programs, 11 victim witness programs in law enforcement, five Court Appointed Advocacy Programs (CASA), and three Child Advocacy Centers (CAC).

"It's very important that everyone is aware of crimes against children and that they report any suspected cases so that children can be assisted," Wyoming Supreme Court Children Justice project coordinator, Whitney Agopian said.

Officials recommend that families ask for services before hand, just to reduce risks of being victims. Another method officials advise is for parents and/or guardians to ask the child what's going on in their life.

"Being aware of what's going on in your child's life and having a conversation with your child or your friends, neighbors," Public relations specialist, Samantha Kanish said.

The Joint Symposium will resume on Tuesday , June 26, and will conclude on Wednesday, June 27.