Wyoming ranks in the top 10 best states for millennials

Published: Jun. 7, 2016 at 3:40 PM CDT
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It turns out Wyoming is a pretty good place for millennials. That's according to a new report compiled by

They compiled a list of the best states for millennials in 2016, and specifically, the best states for the age group that has it toughest - the 20- through 24-year-olds who are trying to find an affordable education, get their careers underway and get by on a budget squeezed by low wages and high student loan payments.

Their research lists Wyoming as the ninth best state in the country. That’s based on the fact that the cowboy state has the cheapest four-year in-state college tuition in the country, a good source of jobs, affordable rent and the number of fitness clubs, bars, pubs, and nightclubs per 1,000 young adults.

Nebraska came in at number 3 and Colorado ranks 29th, while North Dakota came in at number one.

The rankings seem to go against popular perceptions. There may not be anything glamorous about places like the Dakotas or Nebraska, but Richard Barrington, Senior Financial Analyst for MoneyRates, urges young adults not to overlook the importance of economic factors.

“There’s nothing very glamorous about being unemployed, no matter where you live,” he advises. “Unfortunately, the places young people are often attracted to tend to be the very places where competition for jobs can make it tough to find decent work, while competition for places to live can make rents very expensive, if you can even find an apartment.”

Best states for millennials 2016

1. North Dakota

2. South Dakota

3. Nebraska

4. Iowa

5. Montana

Worst states for millennials 2016

1. Washington

2. Virginia (tied for 2nd worst)

2. Arizona (tied for 2nd worst)

4. California

5. Vermont

“Young people have the flexibility to move, and they should use this to their economic advantage. Go where the jobs are, and even if it does not turn out to be your long-term home, getting some work experience and building up some savings will give you a lot more options when it comes time to decide where you want to settle down." says Barrington.

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