Wyoming congressional delegation speaks after vote to acquit President Trump

Published: Feb. 5, 2020 at 11:48 PM CST
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The U.S. Senate voted to acquit President Trump of two counts of impeachment on Wednesday, with a vote mainly down party lines. Now Wyoming’s congressional delegation is speaking up after the vote.

Senator John Barrasso is inviting Democrats to join him in getting back to work.

“The time for political stunts is over. The Senate had a fair trial and clear acquittal. Republicans stayed true to the Constitution. Now the Senate gets back to work for the American people.” Barrasso said, “I invite Democrats to join us – join us in working for a stronger economy, a safer America, lower costs for prescription drugs, and re-building our roads and bridges.”

Senator Mike Enzi also released a statement.

“After information from more than a dozen witnesses, over a hundred questions and days of oral arguments, I believe the House failed to prove its case for the two articles of impeachment. The House’s story relies on too much speculation, guessing games and repetition. It fails to hold up under scrutiny. The House claims to have proven its case, but insists on more evidence. It was the House’s responsibility to ensure it had developed a complete record of the evidence it needed to make its case and it is not up to the Senate to start the process over again. I did not vote for more witnesses or more evidence and voted to acquit the president on both counts.

“I have now served in two presidential impeachment trials, one during my first term and this one in my last. I have never underestimated the responsibility of the task at hand or forgotten the oaths I took to uphold the Constitution. There are few duties senators will face as grave as deciding the fate of the President of the United States, but just like 21 years ago, this decision is about country, not politics. Too often it feels like our nation is only becoming more divided, more hostile. I do not believe that our country will ever be able to successfully tackle our looming problems if we continue down this road. As we move forward from this chapter in our nation’s history, I hope that we will focus more on our shared goals that can help our nation, and not the issues that drive us apart.”

Representative Liz Cheney is praising Senate Republicans in a statement released Wednesday.

“Senate Republicans, led by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, did the right thing in voting to acquit President Trump of the articles of impeachment.

"The country will hold the Democrats accountable for abandoning the Constitution and abdicating their oaths of office. They proved that they cannot be trusted to put their responsibility to the country before their political self-interest, and that is something the American people will long remember.”

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