Wyoming bills become law: March 14

Published: Mar. 15, 2018 at 10:53 AM CDT
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As the 2018 Wyoming legislative budget session comes to a close, nearly 50 bills were signed into law on Wednesday.

On March 14, Governor Matt Mead added his signature to the following:

Enrolled Act Bill Number Title

1. SEA0036 SF0100 Economic diversification-broadband services.

2. SEA0037 SF0108 Economic diversification and development.

3. SEA0038 SF0058 Game and fish licenses.

4. SEA0039 SF0019 Uniformity in domestic violence law.

5. SEA0040 SF0040 Commercial air service improvement.

6. SEA0041 SF0017 Cease and transfer priority list.

7. SEA0042 SF0030 Notice of hearing to reopen an estate-amendments.

8. SEA0043 SF0057 Board of law examiners appointment-supreme court rules.

9. SEA0044 SF0062 Omnibus water bill-planning.

10. SEA0045 SF0075 Biological products-pharmacies.

11. SEA0046 SF0083 Controlled substance prescription tracking.

12. SEA0047 SF0066 Volunteer health care.

13. SEA0048 SF0029 Education-computer science and computational thinking.

14. SEA0049 SF0022 Orders of protection-revisions.

15. SEA0050 SF0015 Large project account modifications.

16. SEA0051 SF0068 Amendments to agency plans and new program review-2.

17. SEA0052 SF0046 Elections-notices and resolutions.

18. SEA0053 SF0013 School facility property insurance.

19. SEA0054 SF0056 Real property as a collateral bond.

20. SEA0055 SF0072 School finance recalibration-transportation.

21. SEA0056 SF0079 Vertical takeoff and landing aircraft-regulation.

22. SEA0057 SF0061 Hunting colors-fluorescent pink.

23. SEA0058 SF0118 Kickstart Wyoming-economic diversification.

24. SEA0059 SF0119 Workforce development-priority economic sector program.

25. SEA0060 SF0078 Opioid addiction task force.

26. SEA0061 SF0105 Drug Donation Program Act-expansion.

27. SEA0062 SF0116 Retirement income security task force-2.

28. SEA0063 SF0042 Professional licensing-applicant criminal records.

29. SEA0064 SF0070 Revisor’s bill.

30. SEA0066 SF0036 Veterans tuition program limits.

31. SEA0067 SF0093 Child sexual abuse education and prevention.

32. SEA0068 SF0034 Military spouse unemployment sunset repeal.

33. SEA0069 SF0045 State fair board-2.

34. SEA0070 SF0120 Government efficiency project.

35. HEA0053 HB0006 Research and wildlife information-confidentiality.

36. HEA0054 HB0162 Penitentiary savings fund-amendments.

37. HEA0055 HB0129 Glider kit vehicles-title and registration.

38. HEA0056 HB0093 Speeding fines amendments-2.

39. HEA0057 HB0066 Purchase of water rights and facilities.

40. HEA0058 HB0069 Impersonation through electronic means-spoofing.

41. HEA0059 HB0086 Medicaid birth cost recovery.

42. HEA0060 HB0119 Genetic information privacy.

43. HEA0061 HB0040 Election Code revisions.

44. HEA0062 HB0001 General government appropriations.

45. HEA0064 HB0130 State fair endowment.

46. HEA0065 HB0109 Public employee retirement plan-contributions.

47. HEA0066 HB0078 Omnibus water bill-construction.

The following bill became law without the Governor’s signature.

1. HEA0063 HB0168 Stand your Ground-2 (Sub #2)