Wyoming Walmarts host FREE Health Screenings

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) This year, reports of the flu season being in full force are higher than years past.

Showing a recent rise in the number of cases involving a more severe flu strain.

"Flu season is definitely occurring right now we're seeing more and more of it now, but there's been a lot of cases and with there's a few more months where things can get more severe," Emergency Medicine Physician said.

Flu season can begin as early as September. According to Dr. Holsinger your best bet is to get a flu shot early in the season

For many people health care options are limited and finding affordable health care can be also be a challenge.

The wellness health fair has been described to be life saving for some folks.

"It has been in some cases life saving this is an exciting day for us to present a service to our community," Walmart Market Health & Wellness Director said.

Walmart says the company ultimately wants to promote healthy habits across Wyoming.

The Director of Wellness and health went on to say Walmart will be opening more clinics across the U.S.