Wyoming Technology Coronavirus Coalition looking to help state government and state health officials fight COVID-19

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now)- CEO of Array School of Technology in Cheyenne, Eric “et” Trowbridge founded the Wyoming Technology Coronavirus Coalition (WTCC), which looks to bring technology-oriented people together to help fight COVID-19.

“Our goal was if someone in Wyoming wanted to get tested for covid-19, active or maybe given previous infection, how could we allow everyone in the state of Wyoming to get that opportunity,” Trowbridge said. “It’s all about using technology to help fight COVID-19 in Wyoming and bring people together that were not connected before for a common mission and a common goal.”

Over 300 volunteers from all around the state have joined to coalition. So far, the WTCC has delivered roughly 6,000 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to employers around the state of Wyoming.

“We’re taking as much data as we can to visually show where outbreaks are happening or trends,” says Trowbridge

The WTCC came up with a phase called Project Moonshot, which looks to give them clarification on what they can do to flatten the curb in Wyoming, such as seeing if they can find any traces of coronavirus in sewer water. They are also looking at other ways to flatten the curb in Wyoming, such as to see if they can track any trace of coronavirus in sewer water. This project looks to make testing available to everyone in Wyoming by July 1, 2020.

Then there is the Lighthouse Phase, which seeks to find more ways to test employers and establishments such as schools, restaurants, museums, etc. Another way is helping explore the cheek swabs and using saliva to find out whether someone has the virus that way, and not just the nasal method.

For more information on the WTCC’s free documents, visit: https://wtcc.tech/.