Wyoming State Marching Band Festival

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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) Friday night football did not stop these marching bands from meeting at the Casper Events Center for the 2019 Wyoming State Marching Band Festival Saturday.

Laramie High School Marching Band performs their set at the Casper Events Center.

“It’s cool to see a bunch of kids who have some things in common come together, put a show on the field, play music together and just create something great,” Quinn Kalinski, Green River High School’s director of bands, said.

Over 20 high schools across Wyoming sent their marching bands to Casper to perform sets in front of judges, friends, family and fellow marching bands.

“Band is a family in Wyoming, we’re glad to be here with 20 other bands. We’re excited to see what everybody else is doing and how they’re playing," Wade French, Cody High School’s director of bands, said.

Each marching band performed a 10 to 15 minute set and was rated by a panel of judges. The ratings show the marching bands how they have improved throughout the year.

The band directors enjoy seeing their students learn and grow throughout the season.

“By the time they get here and they’ve mastered it, they’re just so proud of what they’ve done. It’s great to get to see that,” Andrew Salzman, Rawlins High School's director of bands, said.

The marching bands got the crowd engaged by starting the wave and shouted chants in support of their fellow bands throughout the festival.

“Honestly if you can put 50 kids with a bunch of noisemakers on a field and make them sound great, look great and have smiles afterwards, there’s just nothing more beautiful than that,” Kalinski said.