Wyoming Medical Center asks community to be "good visitors" during cold, flu and RSV season

Published: Jan. 9, 2020 at 6:53 PM CST
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Flu season is here and Wyoming Medical Center is asking family and friends visiting patients, to be good visitors.

"If you're ever thinking of going to visit someone in the hospital, or any kind of medical facility, you should never go if you are feeling sick yourself," Kristy Bleizeffer, WMC spokeswoman, said.

Around WMC, this time of the year is called respiratory season. There are current restrictions on pediatric areas of the medical center. Bleizeffer said WMC is asking those in the community who could be sick, to wait until they feel better to visit patients at the medical center.

"We are just encouraging at this time, people use common sense when visiting anybody in the hospital during cold, flu and RSV season to protect all of our patients particularly the old and the young," Bleizeffer said.

During flu season you may not be able to take a sick day or have to go pick up your medication, so how do you stay healthy?

"Covering your mouth when you cough and when you sneeze, if you're going to be around a group of people it would be considerate to wear a mask just so that you don't transmit whatever illness you may be dealing with," Kate Murphy, Urgent Care of Casper family nurse practitioner, said.

Murphy said washing your hands, covering your mouth when coughing and being mindful of your germs are all important ways to be healthy during flu season.

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