Wyoming Air National Guard manages Cheyenne Air Traffic Control Tower

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CHEYENNE, Wyo (Wyoming News Now) -- The Wyoming Air National Guard said its role in running the air traffic control tower is unique. It said it is one of only ten National Guard installations providing air traffic control service to the military, commercial flights, and private planes.

MSgt. Amanda Koldeway said, "The planes flying around over your house, if you see them over your house or anything like that, we're talking to them."

Air Traffic Controllers are responsible for communicating with and managing the planes in Cheyenne air space. The controllers also update them on ground conditions for arrival and departure. Controllers also are responsible for knowing codes that let them know what planes are doing. There are several other aspects to the job as well.

Airman First Class, Sarah Farney, is currently training as an air traffic controller. She said, "I do love seeing the planes. I'm an aviation nerd, so I do like to actually see the planes and see them land."

Airman First Class, Grifen Barker, who is also currently training, said, "The learning curve wasn't so much of learning so much information all at once, but it's more of retaining it."

The Wyoming National Guard said air traffic controllers have 270 days of training in the tower in Cheyenne, that's in addition to basic training and tech school.