WyoX mountain bike team is always welcoming new athletes

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now)- The WyoX mountain bike team was founded in 2013. Girls and Boys in high school and middle school can join this team, all you have to do to join is show up to a practice. The team practices at North Park on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

"if you don't ever wanna race and you just wanna come out and learn how to mountain bike we can teach you how to mountain bike cause a lot of kids get intimidated cause they don't know how to mountain bike we'll teach you all the skills to mountain bike and if you decide you want to race, we'll teach you how to race" said head coach Jodee Pring.

WyoX has no limit on how many people can join the team and joining this team is a great way to meet many people.

"my 6th grade teacher had told my mom about it and she said you should go join this so I did and I've stuck with it ever since,I love the coaches" said Junior Ethan Healey.

The athletes are apart of the Colorado high school cycling league and the season starts in April and goes until October.

"cause I mean the league is massive I mean I know people from all over the league and all over Colorado cause of this sport" said Senior Trevor Hughes.