WyoLotto winners live in Wyoming

Published: Jan. 10, 2020 at 7:03 PM CST
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One woman is splitting her $811,058 WyoLotto winnings with her good friend after they met more than 20 years ago in a unique way. The two met while Gale was battling E.Coli and was suffering from organ failure. Her now close friend, Judy was the person working on plasma exchanges. They became fast friends who often play the lottery together, putting in the same amount of money each time. They say their initial reactions when they learned that Gale won, was shock and disbelief. Gale says she purchased the winning ticket on Christmas Eve at a Maverick in Thayne, WY but both women live in Etna, WY. Both women say they still aren’t sure what they’ll do with their money after turning the ticket in on Jan. 8.

“We always said that if we won, we would split it and we always buy the same tickets but not the same numbers, I don’t, but we always buy the same tickets all the time and spend the same amount of money,” said Gale, the woman who purchased the winning ticket. “So we just said if we ever win then we’ll split it.”

WyoLotto’s CEO, Jon Clontz, says he’s always excited when people win, particularly when the winner lives in Wyoming, just as Judy and Gale do.

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