WyoLotto transferred largest amount to State Treasurer's Office

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- The Wyoming Lottery transferred its largest amount to the State Treasurer’s Office.
At just over $2.8 Million this is the highest amount given to the state since the Wyoming Lottery began in 2014.
This doubled what was transferred from the previous quarter. Since 2016, the Wyoming Lottery has contributed over $13 Million to the state.
Wyoming Lottery Corporation, CEO, Jon Clontz said, “Wyoming is certainly defined culture, I think. Definitely that game appeals to that sense of pride that people in Wyoming have. You know, that’s in every state, but in Wyoming it’s amplified.”
The money transferred to the state is distributed to the counties in Wyoming. To find out more about the distribution go to https://statetreasurer.wyo.gov/finances_distributions.aspx.
And for more on what is coming up with the Wyoming Lottery, go to wyolotto.com.