Working to address growing number of robocalls

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- In 2016, there were 29 billion robocalls, but that number went up to 48 billion in 2018, that is according to information provided by AARP Wyoming. It says this is about 146 calls for every American. AARP says that it is working to help people handle the rising number of calls.

A couple of things recommended are hanging up on the scam call right away and adding a robocall app on your cell phone. AARP Wyoming Associate State Director, Tom Lacock, also said to be on the lookout for people trying to get you to make a decision right away. He said the technology is becoming cheaper, making it easier for scammers to use. Lacock said, "Robocalls really have a lot of legitimate uses. You think about school closures. You think about weather announcements...AARP uses them to let our members know if there's something that they need to know as well. The downside is that that technology exists for everybody."

Senators John Barasso (R-WY) and Mike Enzi (R-WY) are cosponsors on the TRACED Act, a bill that is currently being discussed by U.S. lawmakers. The bill would require that phone companies use technology to detect and block illegal robocalls. It passed in the Senate last week with a 97-1 vote. It will now be put in front of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.