Wind City Physical Therapy still helping clients

Published: Apr. 10, 2020 at 5:40 PM CDT
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Due to COVID-19, Wind City Physical Therapy is still serving clients in-person, but not as many.

"There definitely has been a drop, the drop is patients themselves not wanting to come in," said Kathy Blair, Physical Therapist and owner of Wind City. "When everything started we took a good hard look at our client lists and said okay who is a priority for needing to come in who is too high risk. We do call all of our clients every week to just to check in on them see how they are doing."

For clients looking to come into Wind City Physical Therapy to exercise can still do so, however if they feel more comfortable doing it from home they can with Telehealth.

"We started Telehealth, so for some of our clients that has been a great way for them to still stay engaged with us, we can do our therapy visits via computer. Telehealth, Telemedicine is the huge big buzzword."

They have also been trying to engage clients through their social media pages.

"We would just set up a program at home and we gave them four exercises they can do, then we gave them a little challenge to see how many exercises then can do in a minute or something like that so that was kind of a fun challenge," said Leif Johansson Exercise Physiologist. "What we do is just encourage people to check that out and participate in it, it's not a long thing, you can get this done mostly in a half hour."

For clients that do come into the building they are asked to wash their hands when they arrive and before they leave.

"Anything that gets touched gets wiped down once the therapist is done using it," said Blair.

Temperatures are also taken throughout the day.

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