American Red Cross of Wyoming shares what to include in your winter vehicle safety kit

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (WYOMING NEWS NOW) -- The American Red Cross of Wyoming shares helpful tips on what to include in your winter vehicle safety kit.

Winter Vehicle Preparedness:

· Listen to the weather forecast before departing and postpone travel if necessary
· Keep your gas tank at least ½
· Don’t use cruise control during winter driving conditions
· Stuck without traction and lacking sand or cat litter? In a pinch, you can take the floor mats out of your car, place them next to the tires, and slowly inch the car onto and across the mats.
· Always have a winter preparedness kit in each vehicle:

o Foldable shovel
o Flashlight with extra batteries
o First aid kit
o Extra clothing that can be layered
o Sleeping bag or blanket
o Jumper cables
o Hand crank or battery operated radio
o High calorie food
o Bright bandana to put on car antenna
o Gloves/hat
o Water bottle
o Kitty litter

If you become stranded during a winter storm:

· Stay with your vehicle. Tie a colorful bandana to the car antenna.
· Put on warm clothing right away before you get cold. It’s easier to stay warm that it is to regain lost warmth
· Move your supplies to the front part of the vehicle
· Run the engine sparingly. Start with 15 minutes every hour and adjust if needed. While running the engine, keep a downwind window cracked to prevent carbon monoxide buildup.

· Keep your exhaust pipe clear of snow
· Never to go sleep with the engine running
· Keep your feet off the floor if the heater isn’t on
· Use newspapers, maps or even car mats for added insulation
· Eat a snack before you go to sleep to stimulate your metabolism
· If you have to leave your vehicle, be sure to attach a nylon rope to yourself and your vehicle so you don’t lose sight of the vehicle during blizzard conditions.