What does the City of Cheyenne mean when it talks about annexation?

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -- "Once you are in a city, you have expectations to receive city services," said Cheyenne planning and development director Charles Bloom. The city annexation process usually stems from someone wanting a property added to the city. The process, according to Bloom, can take months, usually about four months.

In Cheyenne, there are some pockets of county property that are technically part of the county, which means county services should be the first to respond. When the city considers bringing in a new property, Chief Hoggat, with Cheyenne Fire Rescue, said that the departments get to weigh in on the decision. "The problem is when we see raw land com in, how does that affect the fire department? Not bad, it doesn't do anything now. But what is the planned growth going to be and sometimes we don't get that information on what's going to be the planned growth," Chief Hoggatt said.

A few of the benefits, according to Hoggatt and Bloom, to city annexation are opportunities for more federal funding and further development by businesses to continue to improve life in Cheyenne.

Do you know if your property is a county pocket in Cheyenne? Are you wanting to be added to the city? Let me know about your experience. Email grace.foulk@wyomingnewsnow.tv.