Ward 3 candidates

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CHEYENNE, Wyo - Cheyenne Councilmen Richard Johnson is hanging up his hat and is leaving Ward three. Now Seven people are looking to fill his seat.

We recently caught up with some of the candidates.

Eric Crosby says he wants to focus on fixing roads "instead of spending money on these big, uh, traffic flow projects, that very few people, that I've talked to want. let's spend more time repairing roads."

Georgia Broyles who served on the council before says she knows voters want a park in east Cheyenne "one of them of course is the park in east Cheyenne, how that's going to be done. I was disappointed that an appraisal was not done before, um so there are some things that need to be worked on there. I would still like to see a large park in east Cheyenne, I think that's what the voters voted for and I think that's what they expect to see"

Joe Shogrin says his main concern is safety "I'm starting a neighborhood watch as part of my campaign to try and bring neighborhood watch to all of Cheyenne's ward three during my campaign. Uniting the community is something I feel is vital and essential to the community and I believe that's where we need to go"

Jackson Quick stresses making neighborhoods safe "It's possibly some kind of a passive surveillance video system for some areas of town something where there's video recording and if something happens that could be referenced"

Michelle Aldrich says one of her focus points will be who is using private sector money for projects in the city "I'd really like to work on, making user we are putting private dollars, private sector dollars, to use with community to do great things in Cheyenne, I think the children's museum is a great idea I love that idea , I love that concept but I'd love to see it done with private dollars."

Primary voting begins August 21st however, early voting is going on now.