WFFTP asks community to help decorate its new mobile farmer's market vehicle

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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) At first Wyoming Food for Thought Project had a school bus for its mobile farmer's market, but it was not easily accessible for everyone.

WFFTP's new mobile farmer's market vehicle.

It led to staff getting a more accessible vehicle that its asking the community to help decorate. The vehicle will be covered in a collage of art pieces submitted by the community.

WFFTP staff said the vehicle will be serving the community, which is why they want the community's help decorating it.

"We really wanted the community to have some buy in in this and in this way as it's driving around kids will notice the bus. It'll be very colorful, very memorable and they can say oh that's my flower, that's my bee on the bus, and everyone can have some buy in with that." said WFFTP's Michele Heaphy.

WFFTP project will be accepting the art pieces through July 1st by mail, email at: and by dropping it off at WFFTP's building located at 900 St. John Street. Yo