WCDA's Single-Family Mortgage program helped almost 1500 families become homeowners in 2019

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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) Wyoming Community Development Authority has been a part of the state for over 40 years. With the help of lenders, developers, the community and other partners, WCDA continues to help people find their next home.

Hayden Commons in Evanston.

"Its the best feel good job there is. A lot of people will come in and say thank you so much for providing financing for us to get into a home, we never thought it would be possible," Carol Wilson, WCDA Single-Family Programs director, said.

WCDA's Affordable Housing Development Department helped place almost 400 multi-family rental housing units across the state in 2019.

"About 23% of our funding goes to communities that are not in Cheyenne or Casper. We've had great projects that closed out this past year in both Evanston and Torrington. We really make an effort in my department to make sure that we have good geographic distribution of funding and spread the funding out as widely as possible," John Batey, WCDA Affordable Housing Development director, said.

"I encourage people to go into their communities, go online to our website and look at some of the places that we've built around the state. If they're in your community, go out and look at them. They're actually really well built projects and look fantastic," Scott Hoversland, WCDA executive director, said.

WCDA's single family mortgage program helped almost 1500 low to moderate income families become homeowners in 2019, an increase of almost 20 percent from 2018.

Not only does WCDA help people across the state become homeowners, it also helped pave the way for Wyoming Rescue Mission's Park Street Center.

"WCDA completes the critical gap in the continuum of care that Wyoming Rescue Mission is a part of providing. That is on the front end shelter and on the end of the process, sustainable home ownership. This organization does an incredible amount behind the scenes, we're so grateful for WCDA," Brad Hopkins, WRM executive director, said.

WCDA hopes to bring back its Single Family Development program but the 2020 motto continues to be: help people obtain a home and keep that home.