Uncommon hazardous spill calls for extra assistance

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) First responders were called out to a hazardous spill that appeared to be mercury. Once determining, extra hands deck was necessary the Environmental Protection Agency was called to action.

The emergency response teams says mercury is a contact hazard and can affect the central nervous system.

The EPA crew may be spending the next two days cleaning up the area.
Officials say access to the neighborhood hasn't been limited... But the area has been secured.

"So it's kind of balancing those two sets of risks here. I think we can contain it, I think you're safe walking across the street, I think we're safe standing right here. Being on the sidewalk were the mercury was, well that's where the problem is. That's what we try to limit and minimize our footprint," said Emergency Response Section On-Scene Coordinator Paul R. Peronard.

Cheyenne regional medical center spoke about what to look out for if you come in contact with mercury.

"Now that liquid form if it's ingested or swallowed. Generally its not absorbed, its more of the lung concerns that can happen. If enough is absorbed it can cause organ damage as well," says Dr. Steven Pecevich.

The cause or source is still undetermined.