USPS seeing package volume similar to Christmas during the pandemic

Published: Apr. 22, 2020 at 7:24 PM CDT
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Whether you see your local mailman, or walk into your local post office, operations look a little different.

"You may have noticed in your local post office, we've put up plexiglass between the window people and the customer, we've put up tape on the floor, just to keep that social distancing," said USPS Communications Specialist James Boxrud.

Boxrud said it not only looks different in the lobby, but behind the scenes as well.

"We've went to staggered start times, just to try to reduce the amount of people that are within close contact. Inside the post office, because there is a chance of working closely at times, everybody's wearing masks. We have the same concerns everybody else does, we want to make sure we're staying safe," said Boxrud.

During the pandemic, Casper post office's have seen a 40 to 50 percent increase in package volume, which is similar to what it sees during the holiday season.

"A lot of that's because some people are at home, a lot of businesses are closed and they only have online shopping available. We're also seeing a lot of people receiving their stimulus and I think they're investing it in their economy and buying online. So we've seen package volume just shoot through the roof," said Boxrud.

Something that's also been through the roof, is the outpouring of support from the community.

"Some people are writing notes, kids are writing sidewalk chalk on the ground, thank you mailman, things along those lines. Those things go a long way and it really encourages our staff," said Boxrud.

Boxrud said USPS is very proud of its front line workers and they show up every day for the nation.