US Census will count some college students in group quarters

CASPER Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) The 2020 Census will be seen in mailboxes soon, but they have a different way of counting college students. An article by the Census says they will be counted where they go to school and sleep for most of the year.

“They’ll be counted in one of our operations called group quarters which could cover dormitories,” said Tyson Shelley, Wyoming Acting Census Office Manager.

Shelley added that counting everyone is a difficult task, but if college students choose not to do it, it could affect federal funds.

“It could be an interstate road, local law enforcement or first responders. They could also be going to a federally supported college,” Shelley said.
Shelley added It could also affect students’ lives after graduation if they need the data for any business or marketing fields.

The Census has part-time job openings in Natrona County that pay $19.50 an hour.