U.S. 130 surveys a year; people could be in your neighborhood now

CASPER Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) The United States Census Bureau sends out a form that counts everyone in the United States. However, there is another part of it that isn’t as common.

A couple of the yearly surveys the U.S. Census Bureau conducts

"You may receive something or you may get somebody that comes to your door about the census bureau and asking questions," said John Giantonio, Wyoming Area Census office manager.

These people asking for information are not part of a scam.
"The census bureau is very big, it does a lot of work. The decennial census is what I’m working on is about counting every person in the United States. They do a bunch of different surveys throughout the year,” Giantonio said.

According to Census.gov, they conduct over one hundred and thirty surveys each year like the American Community Survey and the Annual Retail Trade.

He added that the U.S. Census Bureau employees wear credentials and will never ask for any monetary information.

"The census bureau will never ask you for your social security number they'll never ask you for bank account information we'll never ask you for credit card numbers or we'll never ask for donations," Giantonio said.