Town of Evansville closed due to COVID-19

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EVANSVILLE, Wyo. (RELEASE) - Town of Evansville Mayor Jennifer Sorenson issued the following press release Sunday:

The Town of Evansville will be closing its doors to the General Public until further notice. This includes all Police, Fire, Public works and water treatment facilities. This is to limit our Town employees to public contact in order to continue operating smoothly and efficiently, and to ensure that services continue to be offered. The Town is limited in our staffing and does not have as many resources to pull from, as all municipalities will be feeling the effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Thus we are planning on staggering staff so as to ensure that all governmental and municipal services continue to be provided effectively. This will also allow staff who have children that are now going to be doing school from home to have some flexibility to care for their kids while still performing their jobs. The Town wants to emphasize that it will continue to provide municipal services and does not expect any interruption in those services.

To explain to those who do not understand the reasons for the situation, because there are limited treatments available for COVID-19, as it is a novel virus, and because resources are limited for healthcare staffing and beds, if we simply allow the virus to spread rapidly it can lead to an overburdening of the healthcare system, resulting in worse outcomes than would otherwise be normally anticipated. The Town is following the Centers for Disease Control and Wyoming Department of Health guidance and wants to do its part to ensure that the peaks of COVID-19 numbers in Natrona County remain low and manageable.

The Town wants to assure residents that water service will not be an issue and that there is no need to stock up on bottled water. In addition, the Town wants to emphasize that putting “flushable” or toilet paper alternatives down into the Town’s sewer system is not recommended. Please throw away any toilet paper alternative products instead of flushing them. This will help to avoid any potential back-ups of the Town’s sewer system, which is not designed to handle mass amounts of toilet paper alternatives. Otherwise, you could be causing another sanitation crisis if the Town’s sewer system is overloaded with paper products it is not intended to process.

During this time, Town employees will still be available to answer the phone and will be operating as normal, but behind the scenes. Water bills can be dropped off in the payment slot or paid over the phone, in the event a water bill does not get paid all late fees and shut offs will be waived. Once normal operations are resumed, payment plans can be established if needed. As always, if you have questions please call the Town Hall and we will answer any questions you may have and handle any concerns to prevent as little interruption in your day to day lives as possible.

Police, Fire, and Public Works will still be available by phone and operating as they do on a day to day basis. Trash days may be moved due to staffing of employees, and that will be communicated from the Town. If you miss trash pick-up with any of the changes, please call the Town Hall and they will coordinate to have your trash picked up.

Town Council meetings will be limited agendas with only absolutely necessary items being addressed like paying bills, time limited issues, or approving any business licenses. We will continue to post the agendas and as always, accept any questions or public comments through email in advance, if you do not wish to attend. The Town will work on a mechanism to broadcast Town Council meetings online or through some other mechanism, but at this time does not have the means to do so. The Council Meetings are still, by law, required to be open to the public, but we would request that if you are sick in any way, or do not feel well, not to attend.

The closure will also affect the Evansville Municipal Court. All upcoming court dates, and fine due dates, have been postponed and if you have questions, please contact the Town of Evansville.

The Town of Evansville can be reached at (307)234-6530. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding while we work through this together. It is the Town’s ultimate goal to prevent any disruption in service for its citizens while supporting its employees to the best of its abilities. We can all work together to avoid a situation like many other countries around the world are facing and the Town wants to do its part to avoid overburdening the health care system in Natrona County, and it hopes you follow the guidance from the Center for Disease Control and the Wyoming Department of Health as the situation continues to develop.