Tourism is a growing industry in Natrona County

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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) The industry supports 26-hundred jobs in Natrona County alone.

In 2018 Natrona County welcomed over 852-thousand overnight visitors who spent over 295-million dollars, generating 14 and a half million dollars in taxes.

“those funds are able to provide basic services to us as citizens.”

Our top out-of-state visitors come from Colorado, California, Texas, and Minnesota who come to see our national parks, visit friends and family, and go hunting and fishing.

Visit Casper's CEO says their mission is to boost overnight visitation.

“it impacts Casper and Natrona County’s bottom line the most. So when these people come and they’re spending 3.1 nights, they’re spending over $500 with us. That’s far beyond what a day-tripper is and it’s more than what a conventioneer spends.” Said Brooke Kaufman.

Various marketing strategies are necessary in such a diverse industry.

“there’s a lot of things that people don’t see that our office does. but, we’ve been hosting a lot of influencers, bloggers, media, group tour operators, people who can bring large groups of fit travelers to us.” Said Kaufman.

She says visitors are rating Casper 4.41 out of 5.0

Mayor Charlie Powell says, by welcoming people into our communities, we become our biggest asset.

“we can do all the advertising trying to get people to come to Wyoming and find out what is here, but what we really need to do is get return visitors, and people who go home and tell everyone what a great experience they had coming to Natrona County and to Wyoming. and that is what all of you do.” Said Powell.

“about a year ago we made a strategic decision to launch a Casper loves Casper brand. because we know, if you love where you live you’re likely to bring people here right? so, you’re going to continue to see us be very aggressive in working to make residents ambassadors of our place because we know it will help visitor economy and our economy overall.” Said Kaufman.

Kaufman says another major way to help tourism in our county is by becoming a certified travel agent, a program that has grown to 500 people since 2016.