Tips for caring for people feeling socially isolated

Published: May. 28, 2020 at 4:54 AM CDT
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AARP Wyoming shared some tips on helping those who are socially isolated.

Sam Shumway, with AARP Wyoming, said that there are three things that could help shake up your routine in caring for someone who is socially isolated.

1. Help them set-up video conferencing technology on their phone or computer. This way, they can connect somewhat to people. Shumway said it's not a replacement for in-person contact, but it can help somewhat.

2. Recommend a podcast. Shumway said these get people thinking, but at the same time can give you and that person you're caring for something to connect on.

3. Help them with a task around the house or log memories. Shumway said writing down some of their memories at least helps memorialize things.

Shumway also added that as the world deals with social distancing and working from home, he imagines it could lead to more empathy towards those already struggling with social isolation before the pandemic hit.

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