This month is national foster care month

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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) Thousands of families across the nation open their doors to support families with children in the foster care system.

During this national foster care month, we’re reminded of the need in our communities.

“the state does a really great job here, but they’re not a family. We’re a key component to kind of the whole process.” Said Michael Pedry-Foster parent

The Pedry’s have always felt a calling to foster.

“some of the biggest joys is seeing, just what the kids learn and pick up after being in the home. Seeing them learn and just change and kind of blossom in some areas that maybe they’re a little behind in.”

They’ve fostered off and on for about three and a half years… welcoming newborns to children up to six.

“all these kids really need is a family. That’s it. That’s what they’re looking for the most.”

Michael admits there are small challenges to fostering.

“got a few more people that you’re running different places.”

But he doesn’t believe it’s anything parents can’t handle.

The Pedrys have welcomed 10 kids into their home, ranging anywhere from three months to a year.

“it is hard because you do grow attached to them, you should grow attached to them.” Coby Pedry-Foster parent

A major goal in fostering is reunification.

“when they leave your home it’s almost kind of a settling feeling.”

As they move into their permanency plan, whether they’re going back home to family or extended family.

“and it’s kind of a safe feeling knowing that they’re going to where they’re going to be loved.”

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