Theraexpressions Meditation continues to practice Yoga online

CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) Theraexpressions has suspended in person classes due to COVID-19, but they continue to serve the community with online classes.

"I have owned my company for four and half years, we started out with small retreats around the community and then slowly opened our studio 19 months ago," said Therexpressions Meditation owner Candace Machado.

Theraexpressions meditations focuses on mental health and stress management while offering many different styles of yoga.

"We also focus directly on stress management techniques to help us with our anxiety or any different emotional reactive feelings we may have, especially during this time, all of our classes are geared towards the whole person," said Machado

Their studio is temporarily closed but they are still teaching yoga to their clients through online classes.

"Do whatever is comfortable for you but you do need somewhat of a flat surface in order to practice," said Machado

Theraexpressions has offered online classes before for people who didn't feel comfortable coming into the studio.

"Our online classes consist of mediation, yoga, and we incorporate mental health strategies tips and techniques," said Machado.

Now more than ever these online classes are coming in handy.

"Meditation, yoga, deep breathing exercises can really help you calm down your anxiety levels and that is really what we want to promote here," said Machado.