The City of Cheyenne is working to revitalize the downtown area

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Cheyenne, WYO. (KGWN) - Economic decline has increased vacant buildings in downtown Cheyenne, which is why the city is actively working on revitalizing it with money from the Bloomberg Mayors Challenge.

Mayor Marian Orr's solution is to match owners of underutilized commercial properties with entrepreneurs.

Over six months, city officials are holding testing phases for building owners, entrepreneurs, and investors. These are open to the public and let officials refine their ideas.

After this testing period, Orr will submit their updated proposal to Bloomberg.

If chosen, our city could receive one to five million dollars to implement the solution.

The first public session was held tonight. If you missed it, there are more. Those will be announced on the city's website, Facebook, and Twitter. City officials are looking for public feedback.