The psychology of mask shaming

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) To wear a mask or not wear a mask. That is the is the question,
Many people discuss the subject daily. When you're out on the town, do you notice the majority of Wyomingites not wearing masks?

Recent numbers released by the Laramie County Health Department, indicate a rise in COVID cases over the last month. Those stats, bring about the question, if people are in the clear to move about Cheyenne without wearing protective equipment? Hard evidence provides proof wearing masks and practicing proper social distancing may be the only way to see our society return to normalcy.

"I think it's important to recognize this is an illness that infects people; it's not a political topic even though society sees as such, it's a public health topic," Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, Psychologist, Jason Collison said.

The conversations over wearing a mask while in public continues in Laramie County; active COVID cases have increased, the outbreak has risen in several states. Blatantly suggesting people have to move with caution not to see the economy shut down, and cities implementing isolation again.

The debates over face coverings came to a head, as one resident told our reporter, they felt shamed for wearing a mask in a community with low statistics in comparison to individual states.

"Facial expressions get lost underneath it, so I think that's the reason why you see mask shaming because we're not able to read someone's facial expression the same way we could if they were not wearing a mask."

Although Governor Gordon has eased certain restrictions, his office still request people to wear a mask while in public.