The holidays are back and so is the package theft

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CHEYENNE, Wyo.- Cheyenne police say they tend to see more package theft during the holidays as more people start purchasing gifts and shop online. Officer Kevin Malatesta said, "It’s something that takes place here in Cheyenne as well as probably every other city in the country at this time.”

Package theft graphic by MGN.

Just recently, Cheyenne police have been investigating a theft that happened at a Cheyenne home on Friday, December 1. Although officers only received one report that day, they say several have claimed on social media that packages have gone missing at other homes, too.

Malatesta says there are ways that can help prevent the crime from happening as well as helping police track the suspect down.

By using the tracking number to keep an eye on your package, Malatesta says it can help consumers know the arrival date of their items as well as if someone will be around to secure it. Cheyenne police recommend reaching out to a friend, trustworthy neighbor or family member to help secure the package if you aren't able to do it yourself when the package is dropped off.

The Cheyenne Police Department says the biggest help in tracking down these individuals who have committed the crime is either with the help of security camera footage or neighbors helping provide the details who may have caught the crime first-hand. Malatesta said, "There are a lot of affordable security cameras people can access these days, even ones that can hook up to your cell phone."

Cheyenne police say to be aware that many of these crimes happen during the day when packages are dropped off and people are away.