Not all vaping products are dangerous

Electronic cigarettes at Wyoming Vapor Company in Casper, Wyo. on Monday, Sept. 23, 2019.
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Vaping-related illnesses and deaths have drawn plenty of headlines recently but it’s not from products you see at Wyoming Vapor Company, owner Jason Magnuson said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, recent vaping-related deaths are linked to black market THC cartridges, which you won’t find at Magnuson’s stores.

He said black market THC cartridges contain Vitamin E oil, which you can't vape.

“You absolutely can’t vape oil. It just doesn’t work. It causes lipoid pneumonia in your lungs, which will kill you,” Magnuson said.

He said his products are designed to help smokers quit. They contain nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and a little bit of food grade flavor.

“Every single ingredient is considered to be safe for human consumption. Many of them are found in asthma inhalers,” he said.

Magnuson said he started Wyoming Vapor Company after using electronic cigarettes to quit smoking. Though it’s illegal in Wyoming to sell e-cigarettes to kids under 18, he said he refused to sell to kids before there was an age limit. He said kids aren’t generally trying to quit smoking so they don’t need to vape.

On Sept. 18, the Wyoming state lawmakers voted to draft a bill raising the minimum age for sale of tobacco products to 21. According to the Casper Star-Tribune, the Joint Revenue Committee voted 10-3 to draft a bill at its interim meeting in Pinedale, Wyo.

Magnuson said he thinks people who aren’t trying to quit smoking should start vaping.