The Wyoming Business Council is working to grow Wyoming's broadband

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) Tom Dixon with the Wyoming business council said, “it’s essential basically to be online if you are a small business in today’s world.”

Downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming on a Friday morning

Dixon says they’ve been working hard to bring broadband to rural communities across the state.

“because whether you’re a rancher who’s trying to track inventory or whether you’re trying to go move your product through online sales or that kind of thing...It’s just essential.”

He said that the business council now has a grant program for installing broadband capabilities, but says that hasn’t been tapped into yet.

“as we’ve brought more people to the table, that’s internet service providers and local communities, kind of just figuring out where the trouble spots are we’ve been able to get a lot of movement without really having to spend any money.”

Dixon said that the business council is figuring out areas where people don’t have internet or simply have speeds it doesn’t consider acceptable and targeting efforts in those areas.

He says all businesses need to be online.

“and it’s how you’re going to grow your business and by growing your business you’re growing the state economy.”

Dixon says small businesses looking for answers can always stop in at the Wyoming business council or visit a small business development center near you.