The Salvation Army found a counterfeit bill in a kettle in Laramie County

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -- The Salvation Army in Cheyenne found a counterfeit hundred dollar bill in one of its kettles this season. Lieutenant Mistie Lamb said they found the bill on November 27, 2019, while counting the money that had been collected over Monday and Tuesday. the bill was from the organization's kettle at Safeway. When they found it, they suspected it was a counterfeit and contacted police. The police came and collected the bill, Lt. Lamb said.

The Cheyenne Police Department said to contact law enforcement any time you suspect a bill may be counterfeit. Make sure to check for a watermark. The PD said around this time of year, it can be easy for people to move more quickly because of the holiday season. The Cheyenne PD wants to remind everyone, especially those handling money, to slow down and double-check. The Cheyenne Police Department said it did find several bills that were counterfeit during Cheyenne Frontier Days.