Labonte Lake is emanating a foul odor

 Public Domain Pictures / MGN
Public Domain Pictures / MGN(KALB)
Published: Jul. 25, 2017 at 9:06 AM CDT
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The City of Laramie, Parks & Recreation Department is making efforts to help reduce the odor emanating from LaBonte Lake.

This summer has been very warm and had very little rainfall coupled with other factors that are leading to the odor emanating from LaBonte Lake.

The temperature of the lake has exceeded 50 degrees and eliminated the thermocline that would have been responsible for keeping decaying material found at the bottom of the lake from surfacing. This decaying material is the source of the odor as it is releasing both carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide.

Previously the Parks & Recreation Department chose to change from an aerial fountain system with a bubbler to an in-lake impeller system. The system is functioning as it was designed however, the lake has deteriorated beyond our control. Because of these continued issues staff has tested and will reused the existing bubbler system to increase the amount of oxygen in the lake and plans to provide the first dose of beneficial bacteria this week. Keep in mind that these actions will take time to have a positive effect as it took a long time for the muck and debris to collect in LaBonte Lake, it won't disappear overnight.

The City of Laramie, Parks & Recreation Department is dedicated to providing great facilities for our residents and hopes that we can find a solution to this recurring problem.