The Cheyenne Police Department is gearing up for Cheyenne Frontier Days

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CHEYENNE, Wyo (PRESS RELEASE) - The Cheyenne Police Department will have all of its officers working from July 20 through July 29 to ensure Cheyenne residents and visitors alike have a safe and enjoyable Cheyenne Frontier Days .

Cheyenne Police Department

In addition to officers performing their regular patrol duties, officers will be assigned to Frontier Park, and will be present at the pancake breakfasts, parades, rodeos, and nightshows.

In light of events at the national level, the CPD is implementing new technology to ensure public safety.

The CPD’s mobile observation platform will be utilized at CFD. The unit has multiple cameras and gunshot locating technology which can be monitored in real time by CPD officers. During the pancake breakfasts, sand trucks will be placed at intersections in the area to prevent anyone from driving through pedestrian zones.

The CPD always encourages people to drink responsibly and CFD is no different. DUI task forces will occur throughout CFD to look for impaired drivers. This increased DUI enforcement as well as plain clothes patrols looking for underage drinkers and alcohol violations are funded through grants.

Because of this, officers from Laramie PD, University of Wyoming PD, Douglas PD and Torrington PD have been authorized to assist in these endeavors. If a driver sees a police car from one of these other agencies with red and blue lights activated, they need to take the same action they normally would and pull over to the right.

From July 23 through July 27, timed downtown parking will be enforced from 12:00 p.m. through 5:00 p.m. CPD volunteers, the Citizens on Patrol, will be checking for illegally parked cars in the area of Frontier Park and having violators towed.