Tales with Tails

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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) What do the Casper College Goodstein Foundation Library and the Casper Humane Society have in common? They are both helping shelter dogs find their forever homes.

The Casper College Goodstein Foundation and Casper Humane Society have partnered to create Tales with Tails.

“I know it’s good for the kids, it’s great seeing the excitement on their faces. It makes a lot of the dogs happy, we’ve definitely had some come out of their shell,” Levi Backman, kennel technician at Casper Humane Society, said.

Children and parents read books to dogs and give them a snack here and there. The interactions can relieve stress on the dogs and make them more social.

The priority of the Casper Humane Society is finding the right home for their animals.

Backman said it's great finding the right home for the dogs and knowing that they are going to be loved, fed and taken care of.

The Casper Humane Society found homes for over 600 dogs last year.