Swirls & Pearls looks to open shop in downtown Cheyenne

Published: Sep. 11, 2019 at 5:35 PM CDT
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Swirls and Pearls bakery has been open for three and a half years ran by two friends turned business partners. “There are some things that she’s way better at than I am. And there are other things that are easier for me than for her,” said Bethany Willmarth, co-owner of Swirls and Pearls.

Melissa Bentley and Bethany Willmarth are excited to expand their business from their homes to a store downtown. “I think we both like it more, everything more. Our love is growing for it. There’s been a lot of things that we wish we would’ve known in the beginning and there’s been a lot of things that we’ve had to learn by trial by fire, and we’re still learning, especially now with the new shop,” Bentley said. While they love what they do, they both said there’s more to the job than what meets the eye. “We constantly get, ‘oh, you are so lucky.’ And we are so lucky and so fortunate to do what we’ve done and grow our business in the manner that we have, I think that most people who don’t see what we do envision us in cute aprons, galloping through our kitchens with pans of cupcakes. It looks like a sugar bomb went off,” Willmarth said.

Willmarth and Bentley said they wouldn’t be where they are at without their families. “They have all jumped in and helped. I can tell you countless times where our husbands, children or parents step into the role of babysitter helper or deliver,” Willmarth said. Positive feedback when they are delivering cupcakes or on their social media pages keeps them going when there are difficult days. “Just reading them revamps us and we're excited to prepare the next order and hopefully please the next person as much as we did the previous. That’s probably my favorite part,” Bentley said. The Swirls and Pearls shop will open in the Asher building in October 2019 if construction stays on track.

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