Suspect in missing child case sentenced

Cheyenne, Wyo. - The man suspected in the disappearance of a Cheyenne toddler has been sentenced to no less than 18 years and no more than 20 years in prison (the maximum).

Logan Hunter Rogers

Logan Rogers appeared in court Friday morning, after pleading Guilty to manslaughter and reckless child endangerment in November

Judge Thomas Campbell handed down that sentencing to Rogers as the family members of 13 month old Silas Ojeda asked for the maximum sentence.

Rogers had several outbursts in court, saying he wanted to withdraw his plea. He said everything he told investigators during in the investigation was a lie and he is innocent.

However, Judge Campbell ignored those outbursts, saying he was “having a little trouble struggling with this outburst today but [Rogers] has made the situation that he arrived at.”

Campbell went on to say there were many considerations when handing out sentences, including criminal history, remorse, and acceptance of responsibility.

Ojeda has been missing and presumed dead since October 2016.

Rogers has said the toddler fell off a counter at the trailer they lived in with the child's mother, Rhiannon Ojeda. He says they did not take the toddler to the hospital even though they assumed he had a concussion. Rogers says the toddler later suffered a seizure and was unable to be revived.

Despite an investigation and search, the child's body has never been found and both the Rogers and the child's mother has refused to fully cooperate with detectives.

CBS NewsChannel 5 spoke with the Laramie County Sheriff's Office Friday morning, who say the investigation is ongoing and they continue to follow up on any leads provided to them by the community.