Superintendent Balow talks school safety and security

Published: Jan. 7, 2020 at 9:58 PM CST
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Superintendent Jillian Balow has a few topics on her mind with the 2020 Wyoming State Legislative Session nearly one month away. One of those issues being school safety and security throughout the state.

“There’s a real sense of urgency around making sure that we have some policies in place at the statewide level so that our school districts know what to do and set up at the local level,” said Jillian Balow, Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Balow says she fully supports Sen. Affie Ellis in her work dealing with what is called the threat assessment at schools. It includes the Wyoming Safe 2 Tell safety tip line created to ensure that all Wyoming students, parents, teachers, and community members have access to a safe and confidential way to report concerns.

“A student may be in a position where they could cause harm to others or themselves, so a team is in place, a protocol is in place to evaluate the seriousness of a threat or the danger that a student poses,” said Superintendent Balow.

Balow adds that the threat assessment deals with school safety in a more systemic way of trying to understand the issues the threatening student may be dealing with.